Protech ONE Software and Tool List


Window Manager: Fluxbox

Browsers: Opera® (with tor and privoxy)and w3m (console browser)

File manager: Thunar

Search software: Catfish

Text editors: Mousepad; Vim; Nano

Multimedia: Audacious; Mplayer; Gnomebaker

Network: XAMPP; Hamachi; Ndiswrapper (GUI); AutoScan; Hybrid-Share; Wicd (Network Manager); Network Tools; Gftp; Pidgin; telnet; Remote Desktop; Samba (pyNeighbourhood); OpenVNC; VNCviewer

Programming: Python2.5; Emacs22 (gtk2) ; Anjuta

Tools: ParolaPass; Calculator; GPSdrive; Xpdf; Xarchiver

System: Printer / Scanner manager; Htop; Iftop; Startup Manager (SUM); Ntfs-Config; Gparted; Synaptic; Screenlocker (alock); Fluxbox Menu Editor

Security Tools

Aquiring Tools: DCFLDD; DD; DD_Rescue

Cisco: Yersinia: Asleap; Cisco Exploiter

Database: Blind SQL Injection; Hackerstorm; HTTP SQL Bruteforce; Metacoretex; SQL Inject

DNS: Dig; DNS Enum; DNSWalk; Host
Google: Finger Google; Google Mail Enum; Google Search; GooScan
Misc: p0f
Samba: NBTScan; Samba Enum
SMTP: Relay Scanner; SMTP Vrfy
SNMP: SNMP Enum: SNMPget; SNMPset; SNMPwalk
WWW: ISR Forms; List URLs; Paros Proxy

Exploits: Exploit Tree; Metasploit Framework 3; Milw0rm

Analisys: Autospy
File Carving: Foremost

Fuzzers: Bed; Clfuzz; Pirana

Honeypot: Labrea; Honeyd; Tinyhoneypot

Oracle: Metacoretex; OAT

Password Attacks:
Offline: Rainbow Crack; Hash Colision; John; Ophcrack; Samdump2
Online: Hydra; Medusa; THC PPTP

Rootkit: rkhunter; chkrootkit

Sandbox: Plash

Port Scanners: Amap; Nmap; Onesistyone
VPN Scanners: IKE Scan; PSK Crack
Vulnerability Scanners: Nikto (Nessus is not allowed, requires manual install)

Sniffers: Ettercap; Driftnet; Dsniff; Filesnarf; SSHMITM; Msgsnarf; Mailsnarf; SShow; URLsnarf; Wireshark

Spoofing: Ettercap; Yersinia; ARSpoof; DNSSpoof; Etherwake; Fragrouter; Fragroute; Icmpush

System Hardening: Bastille

Tunelling: Cryptcat; OpenVPN

Analysis: Kismet / Gkismet
AP Fakers: FakeAP; Hotspotter
Cracking: Aircrack; Cowpatty; Aircrack-ptw; Airsnort
Packet Forge: Aireplay